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Equipment Leasing and Sales

There are a number of reasons you may need to own or rent waste management equipment. Whether you’re a retail business looking to expand capabilities, a construction company undertaking a large job, or a homeowner taking on a remodeling project, Jet Waste can help find the equipment that best meets the needs of your facility, project, or operation.

We have a large inventory of waste disposal equipment available. We provide flexible pick-up and delivery schedules, streamlined invoicing, and dedicated, 24/7 customer service. All rented equipment is delivered to your site in a timely manner and removed from your site following the completion of the project. Additionally, we provide waste collection and disposal solutions for commercial companies and individuals.

Equipment currently available for sale or rent includes:

  • Roll-Off Compactors
  • Front Load Compactors
  • Horizontal & Vertical Balers
  • Receiver Boxes

If you’re interested in renting or buying waste disposal equipment, please contact us today.